Gheerulla Hall update and mark your calendars for the Dance!

President’s Update

It’s been some time since I let you know what’s happening at Gheerulla Hall.

Its hard to believe that just over twelve months ago the hall was going to be closed down. In that time, the committee has been working hard to put the Hall finances on a firm foundation.  We have had a number of events, all well supported and providing funds; we have had some very generous donations of both money and goods; and we have applied for and received a number of grants to repair the building. To date, steps have been replaced, plumbing repaired, electrical wiring upgraded and repaired. Whirly birds were installed last month, and new fan lights will be installed soon, which should make it more comfortable in the hot summer months. Recently Boral’s Moy Pocket Quarries became a major sponsor of Gheerulla Hall by replacing the old decayed steps on the southern side and including new handrails and a cement slab at the base. We are very grateful for their support.  However, we still have a lot of work to do to get the hall to an acceptable standard. Recently we received a Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant to repair the ramp. I have passed the job to project manage to Kevin Schlort who is on the Hall’s Management Committee. The ramp will be replaced to meet Australian Standards.

The Gheerulla Country Fair was a great success with 30 stall holders selling a range of wares. It was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and everyone enjoyed themselves.    There are already mutterings about the next one.

None of these events would be possible without the amazing members of “Team Gheerulla” (so named by the girls at Jo’s Exercise Classes). I think the name is appropriate because we do have a great group of Volunteers who are always ready to help. Our working bees have included mowing, cleaning, gardening, repairing, painting, removing rubbish, and even road making at the entrance. For our social events our gourmet cooks come out in force. I hope you enjoy being one of the team.


Irene Flint’s Line Dancing has resumed with a bunch of dedicated dancers attending classes.  Unfortunately Irene will be away for a couple of weeks, and when she returns Line Dancing will be held on Fridays at 10.30am. Classes are for an hour or so and the only cost is a gold coin donation to the hall. It’s good for the figure and the brain!! Go and have a go.

Jo McKenzie who used to run Jo’s Gym in Kenilworth has started exercise classes on Wednesdays at 9.30am .  Jo is a very experienced instructor and varies the program each week.  You feel great after a bit of puffing . Cost $10 per session.

Unfortunately  Pilates has been cancelled – Jean Pierre’s visa ran out so he had to leave Aus in a hurry.


The Sunshine Coast Festival of Community Halls will be held throughout August and September. and Facebook as well.  There are 29 small community owned halls like ours scattered across the Sunshine Coast. As part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Sunshine Coast Council, 20 of these will be participating in the festival by each hosting an event. There will be all sorts of things happening, with many of these having a retro them ie back to the 1960s. e.g. Eumundi Hall will have Little Pattie performing, Obi Obi Hall are having A Rockabilly Dance and we are having  A SUPPER DANCE AT GHEERULLA  HALL! PLEASE NOTE THE EVENT IN YOUR CALENDAR!  Tickets will be available soon.  You don’t have to dance.  You can just listen to the great music. Food and drinks will be available.

$20/person including supper
7.00pm 19th August

a very well known 5 piece band including Bob Abbott, the former mayor of the Sunshine Coast.

Let me know if you have any ideas you have for Gheerulla Hall particularly anything involving engagement with the Gheerulla Community.

Hope to see you at the Dance on the 19th August.  Bring out your stovepipes, your bellbottoms, your miniskirts and boogie the night away!

Mary Ann

Wrap up of Gheerulla Country Fair

Sorry it has taken a while to get this to you folks. Yours truly has been afflicted by the winter bot and a few other ailments (not the least of which is rotten telecommunications evil geniuses). But I thought you all deserved a rap sheet.

The Inaugural Fair was a resounding success. financially, over $1500 was raised, so we are likely to be insured for another year. Many, many thanks to our wonderful volunteers both on the day and prior: so much generosity of time, hard work, donations of goodies, (SO many bargains! – people are still telling me what theybought!) and $$. The function would not have been possible, nor successful, without you. References available if required.

You will be pleased to know, too, that I have just had a phone call from the Council regarding our permit application for the event. Three weeks after it had occurred. Yes, once in a blue moon they lose an application – this time it was ours. Love it.

All the Hall stalls did well. Brisbane Coffee bars beware – Gheerulla Cafe will be serious competition in the future. Dave said he did a lot of dishes. And as for the Sausage Sizzle – I have to wonder when Master Chef will do a Sausage Sizzle Bake-Off. We certainly have a candidate in Dennis. Or perhaps, the Sausage Sizzle Olympics – haul the barbie 1 km, peel 5 kg onions, cook 100 sos in bread in one hour??

And the large oregon outside table and chairs from Coral and Barry. Coral, you don’t need four strong men to lift it, only one man and a good woman!

Too many plaudits to mention them all. Remember Jo’s Gym now on Wednesdays 9.30 am at the Hall.

Line Dancin’ on hold until Irene returns. Day will change then to Friday.

The next event will be ‘Dancin’the Night Away’ on Saturday 19 August with ‘The Strangest Dreamers’ , a 60’s dance night an homage to the large dance nights typical of the past history of the Hall. This is part of the ‘Festival of Community Halls’ in conjunction with the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast, and sponsored by SCCouncil. Tickets available shortly.

Our illustrious Presidente will be sending you an update report soon.


Pollyanna X

The countdown has begun!

Yes!  Only three (3) more sleeps to go to the Inaugural Gheerulla Fair!!

As this may make history, you’d better be there.  In fact, you be there and Volunteer!

I hope you’ve been saving your small change and your big change; your shekels, your ducats, and your brass razoos.  All currency accepted, but we give a lousy exchange rate.  Just like a bank.

DONATIONS OF THINGS are always accepted:  If you are trying out for the Great British Bake-off, here’s a chance to practise on us.  Bring your best cake along to the Cafe, and we’ll give you feedback after we’ve fed on it.  Cakes will be included as an option for the cafe, extra bits can be sold off.  Jams, jellies, pickles and preserves too, can go on the preserves stall. SO your rare Rosella Jam, cumquat marmalade or chutney (my favourites), or the best selling tomato relish.  Surprise me with something new.

THERE’S STILL AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE A STALL IF YOU WANT – All those damn things you won in silly raffles (yes, we may even have a raffle too), things you’ve been given, prizes you’ve won because there was no-one else competing, and all that nefarious collection of stuff.  Or you can just donate it to us.  Bring along with you or drop it off on Friday 9th.

But wait there’s more!  NO commercial product here!  All hand made, and artisan stuff, locally crafted.  Arrt, hats, children’s items, knitwear, hats, soft furnishings, upcycled fabric items, wheelcahir and walker accessories (see – told youto bring your granny), plants, second hand books and DVDS, clothes and a bit of retro, white elephant, treasures.  And even fresh veges and produce.  No need to nip off to Nambour to do the grocery shopping.  even ENTERTAINMENT!  That you would normally have to pay for!

BOOMERANG BAGS will be there. You can exchange a piece of fabric for a ready-made bag.  No more plastic bags for me thank you.

It’s also World Wide Knit in Public Day, so you can come and knot with Linda, or ask her your knitting questions, or maybe even for a coffee? learn how to knit.

Look forward to seeing you,

Country Fair team

Inaugural gheerulla country fair

Yes ! It’s the event you’ve been waiting for! The one and only –

Inaugural gheerulla country fair!

Saturday June 10 8.00 am – 2.00 pm

Bush poetry! (Thanks Ian!) local produce, jams, etc (Thanks Bill)! craft (too many to name)!, plants, (likewise)! trash and treasure; collectibles; locally made jewellery; handmade furnishings! (Ummm…Lisa); hats (Ooooo Coral); WWKIP, Boomerang Bags, ART!

Yes, keep this morning free. Bring your kids! Dust off your granny! Bring your rich auntie!

A day to remember!

In another day or two there will be a call out to members to tidy up the site prior to the event; and prepare for it the day before. We may also need some helpers on the day e.g. with parking.

And its not too late to clean out that old cupboard / shed / attic / and have a stall yourself – easier that trying to have a garage sale at home. Or you can donate it to the hall to sell. AND, if you have bigger items (cars, boats, caravans, farm machinery……) we may be able to have a spot for you too!

Any questions…..

Kathy – 045 804 7272
Alana – 042 759 9097 Facebook page Gheerulla Hall

Download a stall application as a PDF document or a Microsoft Word document.

More birdwatching

Ladies, if you were at the Intro to Birdwatching recently at Gheerulla Hall, there is an opportunity to extend your skills and join the Sunshine Coast Birdwatchers at:

41 Moy Pocket Road , Gheerulla, Tuesday 30 May at 8 am.

Miss Tweetiepie’s secretary apologises for the late notice, but she’s been in a bit of a dither, lately, and not all au fait with the net.

I suggest you give her a call to make sure she’s made enough scones. 54460182

Here is Miss Tweetiepie’s message in toto:

“The future would-be, if they could be, Tweetie Pies / Twitchers* are invited to join the group on Tuesday next week [NOTE: actually this week]. You never know what you might see!! Usual feeding time 10am i.e. morning tea. Bring binocs and morning tea.

Thank you

Got to fly (pun)
Tweetie Pie Sylvester.”

* Twitcher is an affectionate term birdwatchers use for themselves.

The Inaugural Gheerulla Country Fair

Saturday, 10th June
8.00 am to 2.00 pm.

Keep this date free!

Stalls! Plants!! Gee-gaws!
Creative on-off artistic locally made items!
Books! Produce? Who knows what else? Tea and scones.
Perhaps even some Bush Poetry and music?

If you want to have your own stall selling stuff,
please download the registration form for details.
(Choose PDF format or Microsoft Word format.)
If you are a member, you’re covered for liability insurance.
So give it some serious thought.
And contact us to have a chat.

Alana 0427 599 097, or Kathy 0458 047 272

You can even sell out of your car boot, sort of.

If you don’t have anything, to sell,
still come and bring your family!