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Meeting reminder and – Happenings at Gheerulla Hall you won’t want to miss!

First a reminder of the General Meeting this Friday at 5.30 pm at the Hall.  All members welcome.  Lots to discuss, including where the Hall is going, and planning fun things for the future.  There may even be a cup of tea and bikkie after, or something better!

There are two new regular activities stating at the Hall, for your general well-being, erudition and pleasure.

  • The first is that we are pleased to welcome Claire Dixon to take a class in gentle Hatha yoga at the Hall on Saturday mornings at 9.30 am starting  from Saturday 7 October.  Claire is currently teaching two classes in Kenilworth during the week (see the attached flier) and is willing to teach at Gheerulla for all of you who are unavailable during the week.  The cost is $10 for an hour of rejuvenation, stretching and bliss.  And O the benefits for those of us with dicky backs!
  • Miriam is starting a Writers’ group,  at 9am on the 1st Tuesday of each month at Gheerulla Hall.  A group of people interested in writing will be meeting. The aim will be to help spur our writing and to discuss the craft.  Old hands and aspiring writers, those who indulge in NaNoWriMo and those who enter local competitions, people with decades of experience and others who are new to writing — all are welcome.  Bring along something you’ve written or just your ideas.  Entry is free. We ask, but don’t require, a gold coin donation to the Gheerulla Hall for letting us use the venue.
  • Don’t forget too Jo’s Fit Club on Wednesdays at 9.30 am, suitable for all ages, abilities and genders.  $10 for a gentle, but all-encompassing workout with a bunch of wild people.  You can help your heart, increase energy, stop growing old, reduce wrinkles, and achieve world peace.  The closest get fit experience this side of the black stump.  Wherever that is.
  • And Line Dancing with Irene, if you haven’t yet had a go.  Low impact but still weight bearing, and a workout for the brain.  Irene is generously taking these classes for only a gold coin donation to the Hall.  Move with attitude to all kinds of music – hip-hop, Irish, Doris Day, the Beach Boys, and more.  The experts say you can make friends.  So there.  As well as boost memory, increase flexibilty, diminsigh depression, other stuff, and get sexy legs.  Maybe one day the Gheerulla Team my enter a competition!  Again, suitable for all comers, ages and genders.  That’s on Friday mornings, 9.00 am during summer.
  • It’s  SCARECROW season shortly, and I propose to put a gallery of scarecrows up at the Hall.   You can either make your own, or join in the fun as we try and make some.  If you want to help make a SCARECROW to put up at the Hall, respond to this e-mail, with the times you are available, and I’ll set some dates.  Probably most afternoons this coming week, as it won’t be so hot. Broom and mop people especially welcome, so don’t throw out that old cleaning apparati – turn into a facsimile of YOU, doing aerobics, of course.  Or line dancing.  Or writing.  Or… we may have some materials and ideas for you to put one together.  Get creative!  Or help me immortalise insane world leaders in paper mache.
  • And cos we’re cultured too,  prior to Christmas, we may have some ukulele/music/singing sessions at the Hall on a Friday afternoon.  Let me know if you’re a wannabe muso,  and dust off your trombone, lagerphone, jug, balalaika, or that one you bought in India, and join in the Gheerulla Ensemble.  Dates to be confirmed, but it will be Friday afternoons, probably.yours,Pollyanna

Sorry about the typos – Yoga anyone? – and Scarecrows…

Hi all.

1.  Sorry about the typos in a recent e-mail.  I blame gmail.  If their rotten system wasn’t so confusing I’d have clicked the ‘send’ button on the right e-mail.  Not the rough draft one.  Which means I might have to send it to you again.  Properly.  My hatred of gmail and Hotmail,for that matter, is second only to my hatred of all things Telco.  I have the Communications Ombudsman’s number in my speed dial, if anyone wants it.

2.  YOGA. I am delighted to be able to offer you the chance to do yoga (gentle) at a hall near you!  Claire, who has classes already in Kenilworth on Tuesdays (9.30 am), and Thursdays (5.30 pm); is willing to also teach at Gheerulla Hall.  choice of Thursdays 9.30 am; or Saturdays 9.30 am.  Possibly starting after the school holidays, by the time we sort it out.  Could those interested let me know their time preference.  Classes cost $10, for an hour, and we would need a minimum of 5 people.  I have been and my body loves it.

3.  Scarecrows.  Yes, it’s that time of year, when Mary Valley Arts hosts the Scarecrow Festival, (www.maryvalleyartslink.com.au) (Oct 7 – Nov 11) and all sorts of weird creations and otherwise piles of junk start appearing all through the valley.  I have this hope that Gheerulla hall can be a ‘site gallery’ and put up several scarecrows. There is also a possibility of setting up a few ‘group making sessions’ in the hall.  If you have ideas or thoughts or want to be involved – let me know.  I have a desire to revisit my Donald Trump scarecrow and make him scarier.  Other suggestions??

4.  General Meeting:  Next meeting will be at 5.30 pm Friday 6th October at the Hall.  Note this time may be different from the earlier email.  Come along and have your say about the development of the hall, hear about the proposed  new ramp, the proposal for the Men’s Shed, and generally everything.

Ciao amigos,


Update and next general Meeting

Now that we’ve recovered from ‘Dancin the Night Away’ (well, some of us are still in recovery) – there are a few things to put in order. Firstly, thanks to the Sunshine Coast Council for their 50th Anniversary Grant of $1,000 which allowed us to pay the band. Also I would like to thank our amazing team of volunteers who helped clean up, set up the decorations, prepare the food and of course run the bar, and photographers. They are Barry and Jim, Shona, Viv, Miriam, Brenda, Joy, Kathy, Lori, Don, Alana, Eamon and Angela. It was a very successful night and enjoyed by all.

Now back to business.

The Ramp:
The ramp is to be upgraded soon. We have a design and need to get some quotes before commencing work.

Table tennis, Cards, Indoor bowls, Darts etc?
Are you interested in meeting at the hall maybe once a month on Sunday afternoon to lay table tennis, cards, or other games or just have a social get together regularly. Let us know.

Gheerulla Men’s Shed:
The Kenilworth Chamber of Commerce asked if we would support the establishment of a Men’s Shed on the Gheerulla Hall site. We have agreed in principle. Since then a group of Men’s Shed advocates have been meeting fortnightly at the hall to progress this. It’s all happening very quickly. They have applied to Sunshine Coast Council to establish the Men’s Shed on the site, and have applied for grant funding for the purchase of the shed. The site chosen is between the tennis courts and the Hall with a pathway for access to the area on the south of the Hall. Members are invited to share their views on this at the next meeting, as below.
Next meeting will be at 5.30 pm Friday 6th October at the Hall. Come along and have your say.

Mary Ann

Clean up and decorating before the Big Dance!

Yep, an old-fashioned get-ready-for-the-party style clean up!

Clean-up: Thursday 17 morning (from 9.30 am) Wash floor, clean toilets, wipe down kitchen, etc.

Decorating:Friday 18 afternoon (from any time after line dancing – suggest from 1.00 pm onwards) Set up tables, chairs, decorations, balloons, or other things -who knows what else.

Food Prep: Not entirely sure about this, but suspect there’s some serving and dishing up on the night, some actual dishes to clear and wash. If you want to do some cooking for the event, contact Mary Ann

Post-party Clean-up: Probably some on the night, and/or on Sunday.

Please let me know which of these you can be involved in.



What you’ve missed and what’s still to come…

Well, if you haven’t been to any of the Festival of Community Halls events, you’ve missed a good time. Country Rock dance at Obi, music at Eudlo, great retro market and stuff at Mapleton, with music by Mzaza and Vardos…. Eat your heart out.

But fortunately for those of you who are slow off the mark, there’s more to come! This weekend, there are:

Friday 11 August

  • a concert with Roy Morris at Caloundra 9 am!!
  • ‘Inigo Jones and the Deluge’ movie, meal and memorabilia, Peachester – Inigo Jones was the legendary (and controversial!) weather forecaster and artist – 6 pm

Saturday 12 August

  • Montville Village Market -‘ From Farm to Cafe’ from 7 am
  • Princess Ball, Kenilworth – 7 pm

And that’s only THIS weekend! Seven more weekends to go!!

see www.sunshinecoastcommunityhalls.com for more info.

And of course, there are other events in addition to the Halls festival!

More later,

Pollyanna (Social secretary)

Boogie the night AWAY! Gheerulla Hall bops to the 60’s beat!

Well, by now if you don’t know about the great 60’s DANCE NIGHT happening at Gheerulla Hall on the 19th August, then you’ve been living under a rock. Not that I can blame you. There’s some pretty nice rocks around. Take Kenilworth Bluff for instance. Now there’s a nice rock. But now it’s time to emerge and join in the party, especially as it’s part paid for by your hard-earned ratepayer dollars.

As part of the Celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the Naming of the Sunshine Coast way back in ’67, and as part of the Festival of Community Halls (www.sunshinecoastcommunityhalls.com) Gheerulla Hall members and guests, and, in fact anyone, can come and DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY to the LIVE music of The Strangest Dreamers, that fabulous band of old rockers. Or you can just come along and enjoy the music and watch everybody else like you used to do.

The Strangest Dreamers

Tickets can be purchased on line, at www.trybooking.com/QZSC, but if you hate the internet with a passion, you can buy your tickets just like you did in the 60’s by going to a shop and coming away with a pretty bit of paper. Both Johanna Designs and West’n Colour in Kenilworth can sell you tickets, for a mere $20, which is pretty good, seeing as you’ll also get a morsel of food in the evening to keep you boppin’. Or you can contact us.

So put a ring around the date:

When: Saturday 19 August
Time: 7.00 pm
Where: Gheerulla Hall
Cost: $20

And for those of you who like to read everything, here is the full press release that’s gone out to the papers:
Press releaseGHallDance

See you at the DANCE!

This event is proudly supported by the Sunshine Coast Council 50th Anniversary Fund.


“Dancin’ the Night Away” with The Strangest Dreamers

Cost: $20 including supper

Turn Back the Clock to the 60s.

Do you remember the Rock ‘n Roll dances of the 60s? Your chance to relive those days – of miniskirts, false eyelashes, bell-bottoms, flares, Mary Quant psychedelic dresses and Beatles music. The Gheerulla Hall, one of the iconic old halls in the Sunshine Coast, (once named the Farmer’s Assembly Hall), will be the venue for a 60s style dance as part of the Sunshine Coast Festival of Community Halls, one of the events to celebrate the anniversary of the Naming of the Sunshine Coast. The dance will be held on Saturday 19 August, from 7.00 pm at the Gheerulla Hall.

Music will be provided by the award winning 5 piece band, “The Strangest Dreamers” who have a huge repertoire of songs encompassing a broad range of musical genres, inspired by the music of early Jazz years, Swing Blues, Roots and Gospel,Country and Classic Music. The band has promised to entertain everyone with dance music from the 1960s. They say it will be Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. The band has played at Woodford Folk Festival, Noosa Jazz Festival, Brisbane’s Southbank and many other venues.

If you don’t want to dance, just come along and enjoy the music. This is a night to have fun, relax, and enjoy yourself. Dressing 60s style is optional. Refreshments will be available. Tickets (only $20/person) can be purchased via www.trybooking.com/QZSC, or contact gheerullahall1@gmail.com .

Join us in reminiscing about how good it was in the 1960s.

The Strangest Dreamers will be playing there

The Strangest Dreamers (facebook page)

The award winning five piece band, named after the song “Last Night I had the Strangest Dream”, an affirmation of hope and peace. This is one of the best bands on the Sunshine Coast playing at Woodford Folk and Noosa Jazz Festivals, Brisbane’s Southbank and many other venues. Their repertoire of songs encompasses a broad range of musical genres, inspired by the music of early Jazz years, swing Blues, Roots and Gospel, Country and Classic Music.

Gheerulla Hall update and mark your calendars for the Dance!

President’s Update

It’s been some time since I let you know what’s happening at Gheerulla Hall.

Its hard to believe that just over twelve months ago the hall was going to be closed down. In that time, the committee has been working hard to put the Hall finances on a firm foundation.  We have had a number of events, all well supported and providing funds; we have had some very generous donations of both money and goods; and we have applied for and received a number of grants to repair the building. To date, steps have been replaced, plumbing repaired, electrical wiring upgraded and repaired. Whirly birds were installed last month, and new fan lights will be installed soon, which should make it more comfortable in the hot summer months. Recently Boral’s Moy Pocket Quarries became a major sponsor of Gheerulla Hall by replacing the old decayed steps on the southern side and including new handrails and a cement slab at the base. We are very grateful for their support.  However, we still have a lot of work to do to get the hall to an acceptable standard. Recently we received a Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant to repair the ramp. I have passed the job to project manage to Kevin Schlort who is on the Hall’s Management Committee. The ramp will be replaced to meet Australian Standards.

The Gheerulla Country Fair was a great success with 30 stall holders selling a range of wares. It was a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and everyone enjoyed themselves.    There are already mutterings about the next one.

None of these events would be possible without the amazing members of “Team Gheerulla” (so named by the girls at Jo’s Exercise Classes). I think the name is appropriate because we do have a great group of Volunteers who are always ready to help. Our working bees have included mowing, cleaning, gardening, repairing, painting, removing rubbish, and even road making at the entrance. For our social events our gourmet cooks come out in force. I hope you enjoy being one of the team.


Irene Flint’s Line Dancing has resumed with a bunch of dedicated dancers attending classes.  Unfortunately Irene will be away for a couple of weeks, and when she returns Line Dancing will be held on Fridays at 10.30am. Classes are for an hour or so and the only cost is a gold coin donation to the hall. It’s good for the figure and the brain!! Go and have a go.

Jo McKenzie who used to run Jo’s Gym in Kenilworth has started exercise classes on Wednesdays at 9.30am .  Jo is a very experienced instructor and varies the program each week.  You feel great after a bit of puffing . Cost $10 per session.

Unfortunately  Pilates has been cancelled – Jean Pierre’s visa ran out so he had to leave Aus in a hurry.


The Sunshine Coast Festival of Community Halls will be held throughout August and September. www.sunshinecoastcommunityhalls.com and Facebook as well.  There are 29 small community owned halls like ours scattered across the Sunshine Coast. As part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Sunshine Coast Council, 20 of these will be participating in the festival by each hosting an event. There will be all sorts of things happening, with many of these having a retro them ie back to the 1960s. e.g. Eumundi Hall will have Little Pattie performing, Obi Obi Hall are having A Rockabilly Dance and we are having  A SUPPER DANCE AT GHEERULLA  HALL! PLEASE NOTE THE EVENT IN YOUR CALENDAR!  Tickets will be available soon.  You don’t have to dance.  You can just listen to the great music. Food and drinks will be available.

$20/person including supper
7.00pm 19th August

a very well known 5 piece band including Bob Abbott, the former mayor of the Sunshine Coast.

Let me know if you have any ideas you have for Gheerulla Hall particularly anything involving engagement with the Gheerulla Community.

Hope to see you at the Dance on the 19th August.  Bring out your stovepipes, your bellbottoms, your miniskirts and boogie the night away!

Mary Ann

Wrap up of Gheerulla Country Fair

Sorry it has taken a while to get this to you folks. Yours truly has been afflicted by the winter bot and a few other ailments (not the least of which is rotten telecommunications evil geniuses). But I thought you all deserved a rap sheet.

The Inaugural Fair was a resounding success. financially, over $1500 was raised, so we are likely to be insured for another year. Many, many thanks to our wonderful volunteers both on the day and prior: so much generosity of time, hard work, donations of goodies, (SO many bargains! – people are still telling me what theybought!) and $$. The function would not have been possible, nor successful, without you. References available if required.

You will be pleased to know, too, that I have just had a phone call from the Council regarding our permit application for the event. Three weeks after it had occurred. Yes, once in a blue moon they lose an application – this time it was ours. Love it.

All the Hall stalls did well. Brisbane Coffee bars beware – Gheerulla Cafe will be serious competition in the future. Dave said he did a lot of dishes. And as for the Sausage Sizzle – I have to wonder when Master Chef will do a Sausage Sizzle Bake-Off. We certainly have a candidate in Dennis. Or perhaps, the Sausage Sizzle Olympics – haul the barbie 1 km, peel 5 kg onions, cook 100 sos in bread in one hour??

And the large oregon outside table and chairs from Coral and Barry. Coral, you don’t need four strong men to lift it, only one man and a good woman!

Too many plaudits to mention them all. Remember Jo’s Gym now on Wednesdays 9.30 am at the Hall.

Line Dancin’ on hold until Irene returns. Day will change then to Friday.

The next event will be ‘Dancin’the Night Away’ on Saturday 19 August with ‘The Strangest Dreamers’ , a 60’s dance night an homage to the large dance nights typical of the past history of the Hall. This is part of the ‘Festival of Community Halls’ in conjunction with the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast, and sponsored by SCCouncil. Tickets available shortly.

Our illustrious Presidente will be sending you an update report soon.


Pollyanna X