What’s Happening at Gheerulla Hall

Well it’s been a while now since the last missive, so you’re probably going around with your tongue hanging out for news.

First and foremost, your new management team for 2019 is:

President : David Badgery
Vice President : Lucas Johnson
Minutes Secretary: Susan Rough
Treasurer: Don Law

Committee Members: Robyn Pfeiffer, Libby Rough, Mary Ann Law, Ros Barrett, Noala Mockeridge, David Brough, Miriam English.

On the committee Robyn represents the Gheerulla Tennis Club, Miriam looks after the webpage, the writers group meetings, the computer help sessions and the inspirational talks program, Libby Rough looks after the Facebook page. Don looks after hall bookings.

Any member is welcome to attend management meetings or contribute in any way in the management of the hall. The next meeting will be at 5.00 pm Friday 21st June at the hall. So you can be there! The meetings are usually over in time to get home for dinner at 7.00pm. See you there to socialize.

Some of our coming events are:

  • 10am 21st June – Do You Want a Free Computer? Come and have a cup of tea and find out more. That will be followed by TED talk (and other) videos which will give you good reasons to feel optimistic about the future — a change from all the negativity we hear on the news at present.
  • 10am 7th July Switch Tennis organized by the Gheerulla Tennis Club. $15/adult and $5/child including lunch. Booking essential. Carita 0438156009
  • 10am 19th July Morning Tea with Sharon Schofield from Easton Lawyers, Maleny, to answer your questions about Wills. Bring a plate to share for morning tea. All welcome. Leave message on 0448848838 or email gheerullahall1@gmail.com if you would like to attend.
  • 10am 28th July National Tree Day at Gheerulla Hall. This year we’ll plant a number of native plants along the Eumundi- Kenilworth fenceline . The site will ready for planting and all tools provided. Just come with gardening gloves, wear a hat and suitable clothing for a couple of hours enjoying the outdoors. A great chance to enjoy the sunshine. Sunscreen and water will be provided. A BBQ lunch will follow.
  • Don’t forget Line Dancing 9am every Wednesday. As well as being fun, it’s a great way to exercise to great music, and keep senility at bay. Even Catalyst says so! And it won’t cost you the earth – its free or a gold coin donation to the hall. Irene generously prepares the sessions and gives her time for free. Many thanks, Irene. For more information phone Irene 0400097602.
  • Then at 9am every Thursday it’s Exercises With Jo. These are low impact workouts and also exercises your laughing gear. Only $5 as classes are financially supported by the Sunshine Coast Council. Then we recover with a cuppa and other delights. Classes are suitable for ♀♂ LGBTI&Q. If you haven’t been, you’re missing out.

Later in the year at 5pm Sunday 20th October it will be our turn to host the Sunshine Coast Landscape Nature Concert. This is a travelling show across the small halls of the Sunshine Coast.There will be songs , light displays and poetry celebrating the ocean, rivers, mountains, wetlands and rainforests around us. Gheerulla Hall’s contribution will be to provide food and drinks for sale. The organizers have asked if there are any local musicians who would be interested in being part of the concert. If you know anyone who would like to participate let us know. You’ll hear more about this later. This is supported by the Sunshine Coast Council.

We’d love to hear your suggestions or if you would like to help in any way please let us know

Gheerulla Hall Supporting the Local Community

NOTE: Sorry folks. I (Miriam) was supposed to post this a few days ago. The delay is my fault, not Mary Ann’s.

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