QLD Women’s Day at Gheerulla Hall

Let’s Celebrate Queensland Women’s Day at Gheerulla Hall

This year the theme for Queensland Women’s Day is “Invest in Women, Invest in the Future”. By improving the financial literacy and capability of women, we improve the economic security of them, their families, and the wider community. By understanding financial planning, managing debt, creating a budget, and other money management topics, women are better equipped to make informed decisions.

As part of this year’s Queensland Government Women’s Day initiative, Gheerulla Hall will be hosting a

Forum on Financial Literacy for Women
commencing at 10am, 8th March.

The panel consisting of three people with experience in financial management and financial education will answer questions, discuss issues, listen to stories and advise where possible. We’ve all heard stories about STD (sexually transmitted debt) when a partnership breaks up. The forum will not be boring.

Women working on farms and small businesses while supporting their families should have easy access to financial services. Also, women in retirement often have financial difficulties and need help accessing support. What about the widows with little knowledge of financial management or investments left in very stressful situations as they try to access bank accounts?

We hope the forum will offer all participants a safe place to talk about money issues and find some answers to questions. Let’s see if we can improve women’s knowledge of money matters.

Gheerulla Hall and Recreation Association Inc. acknowledges and appreciates the Queensland Government’s financial support to conduct this Financial Literacy Forum for Women on Queensland Women’s Day.

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