Some Admin and this Saturday’s working Party!

Membership Renewal.

Some of you lovely members have already crossed my palm with folding stuff, and I have receipts writ for you. For those of you who like formal reminders, attached is an invoice (for a mere $10 per person) to stay financial for this year. And it gives you the right to vote. We accept most forms of monetary equivalence – cash, cheque, direct deposit, or just plain gold.

You can pay on-line to:
Gheerulla Hall and Recreation Association Inc.
Bank: Westpac
Branch: Tewantin
BSB: 034 219
Acct: 341606
Or give us cash when you come to the Working Bee!!

Saturday March 2 from 8.30 am – Working bee at Hall

As you know we have to occasionally spruce up the Hall, and we cleverly do this especially prior to a public even so we look our best, or when we are going to have visiting dignitaries. and both are happening on QWW Day. Hence the working bee this Saturday 2 March. And to show how organised we are we have a list of jobs. You can put your hand up for your preferred (yeah, everyone wants the easy stuff and no-one wants the toilets). Even an hour or so can be a contribution: and such delightful and scintillating company!! Forget Married at First Sight – here you may meet your True Love!. So here goes:

  1. Grounds: whipper snipping fenceline; removing rubbish under Hall to the dump; weeding around plants; maybe mowing; and/or fixing washout inn driveway.
  2. Inside: cleaning kitchen; sweeping hall floor and maybe washing; tidying up the books!! and for the handymen putting up some blinds on the western window and back porch.

For your efforts you will be rewarded with a cup of tea. Or a sausage at the AGM BBQ and an honourable mention. And for the workaholics you can always help out again on Thursday when we set up for QWW.

So. Additional equipment like whippersnippers, trailers (for the junk under the Hall and the pile of old wood at the back) etc is always welcome. Let us know if you’re coming if possible either via email ( or to 0481129527. I wait with bated breath for your reply.


Pollyanna XX

Gheerulla Hall set to knock your socks off this year!

Oooo Sweetings! I’m excited! So MUCH to tell you all! Where to begin?

Well first of all, to remain a member of this elite group, and keep receiving these elegant literary missives, one must renew one’s membership. $10 per person per year. Bargain. You can pay on-line to:
Name: Gheerulla Hall and Recreation Association Inc
Bank: Westpac
Branch: Tewantin
BSB: 034 219
Acct: 341606
Or give us cash when you come to the Working Bee!!

Now some date claimers: –

Saturday March 2 from 8.30 am – Working bee at Hall – the occasional cleanup the Hall need, especially prior to the QWW Day Event described below. Bring ye your whippersnippers, ye mowers? ye trailers (for the junk under the Hall and the pile of old wood at the back). Let us know if you’re coming if possible either commenting to this post or phoning 0481129527. More details on what needs to be done will come to your mailbox closer to the date.

Friday 8 March 10 – 2 pm QWW Day Forum (see attached flier). Our first major community event for the year is a Day in the Country to Celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th at the hall. The Hall has obtained funding to have an event as part of Queensland Women’s Week (in conjunction with International Women’s Day). The event will be an opportunity to meet other women and enjoy delicious food while gaining some knowledge about money matters. There will be no charge, but booking is essential, via either or 044 884 8838. Numbers will be limited so prior registration is required. More details are on the website or the flier below.

Friday 29 March from 5.00 pm BBQ and AGM. Yes for all those who just LOVE committees, or else have aspirations for a career in politics, this is where those aspirations begin and are nurtured! Look out ScoMo! Nominations will be invited beforehand, and the more people we have the more FUN we can create. Would be great to have a Publicity/media Officer, someone less boring than me.

Till the next missive..

Yours Pollanna

Computer Help and Uplifting talks on Friday

Hi Folks,

There will be a Computer Help session at Gheerulla Hall at 10am this Friday 15th February (the 3rd Friday of each month), followed by Uplifting Talks at 11am (why the common belief that everything is getting worse is mistaken).

Both sessions are free (though I encourage you to make a gold coin donation to Gheerulla Hall for giving us the space for this — donations go to the hall, not to me).

I’ve recently spent a while removing some nasty software from a cheap PendoPad tablet computer I bought at Nambour Post Office. I’ll show you how to remove such things and what to look out for. If you bring along your tablet we can check to see if it has any malware on it, and remove it.

For the uplifting talks I was thinking of showing a short video on how we’ve solved the problem of the population explosion and how cheap robots in space can save our planet… and how they already are.

I’ll bring coffee, tea, cocoa, cup-a-soup, and some light snacks.

You bring whatever you want and whoever you want.

QLD Women’s Day at Gheerulla Hall

Let’s Celebrate Queensland Women’s Day at Gheerulla Hall

This year the theme for Queensland Women’s Day is “Invest in Women, Invest in the Future”. By improving the financial literacy and capability of women, we improve the economic security of them, their families, and the wider community. By understanding financial planning, managing debt, creating a budget, and other money management topics, women are better equipped to make informed decisions.

As part of this year’s Queensland Government Women’s Day initiative, Gheerulla Hall will be hosting a

Forum on Financial Literacy for Women
commencing at 10am, 8th March.

The panel consisting of three people with experience in financial management and financial education will answer questions, discuss issues, listen to stories and advise where possible. We’ve all heard stories about STD (sexually transmitted debt) when a partnership breaks up. The forum will not be boring.

Women working on farms and small businesses while supporting their families should have easy access to financial services. Also, women in retirement often have financial difficulties and need help accessing support. What about the widows with little knowledge of financial management or investments left in very stressful situations as they try to access bank accounts?

We hope the forum will offer all participants a safe place to talk about money issues and find some answers to questions. Let’s see if we can improve women’s knowledge of money matters.

Gheerulla Hall and Recreation Association Inc. acknowledges and appreciates the Queensland Government’s financial support to conduct this Financial Literacy Forum for Women on Queensland Women’s Day.

NOTE: if you want to download a poster of the image above, click on it, then when the larger version is displayed, right-click the image and save it to your computer. That image can be printed up at various sizes.