Cent Sale Wrap-up

Hi friends

This is the wrap-up for the Cent Sale. I think you’ll all agree it was a lot of fun and a great success. There was a good variety of prizes including home made cakes , bottles of wine and some quite valuable major prizes. Thanks to Heather and her band of helpers. I will be sending a thank you note to prize donors.

Thanks for your support through the year . I’m looking forward to an eventful year at Gheerulla Hall in 2019.

Hope you  have a Happy Christmas and catch up with your family and friends.

Best Wishes

Mary Ann

TICKETS $910.00
BBQ $188.00
COFFEE $134.00
TOTAL INCOME $1,252.00
TICKETS $69.16
BBQ $146.81
PRIZES $172.88
PRIZES $66.90
PROFIT $796.25
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