Wrap up of Gheerulla Country Fair

Sorry it has taken a while to get this to you folks. Yours truly has been afflicted by the winter bot and a few other ailments (not the least of which is rotten telecommunications evil geniuses). But I thought you all deserved a rap sheet.

The Inaugural Fair was a resounding success. financially, over $1500 was raised, so we are likely to be insured for another year. Many, many thanks to our wonderful volunteers both on the day and prior: so much generosity of time, hard work, donations of goodies, (SO many bargains! – people are still telling me what theybought!) and $$. The function would not have been possible, nor successful, without you. References available if required.

You will be pleased to know, too, that I have just had a phone call from the Council regarding our permit application for the event. Three weeks after it had occurred. Yes, once in a blue moon they lose an application – this time it was ours. Love it.

All the Hall stalls did well. Brisbane Coffee bars beware – Gheerulla Cafe will be serious competition in the future. Dave said he did a lot of dishes. And as for the Sausage Sizzle – I have to wonder when Master Chef will do a Sausage Sizzle Bake-Off. We certainly have a candidate in Dennis. Or perhaps, the Sausage Sizzle Olympics – haul the barbie 1 km, peel 5 kg onions, cook 100 sos in bread in one hour??

And the large oregon outside table and chairs from Coral and Barry. Coral, you don’t need four strong men to lift it, only one man and a good woman!

Too many plaudits to mention them all. Remember Jo’s Gym now on Wednesdays 9.30 am at the Hall.

Line Dancin’ on hold until Irene returns. Day will change then to Friday.

The next event will be ‘Dancin’the Night Away’ on Saturday 19 August with ‘The Strangest Dreamers’ , a 60’s dance night an homage to the large dance nights typical of the past history of the Hall. This is part of the ‘Festival of Community Halls’ in conjunction with the celebrations for the 50th Anniversary of the naming of the Sunshine Coast, and sponsored by SCCouncil. Tickets available shortly.

Our illustrious Presidente will be sending you an update report soon.


Pollyanna X

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