The countdown has begun!

Yes!  Only three (3) more sleeps to go to the Inaugural Gheerulla Fair!!

As this may make history, you’d better be there.  In fact, you be there and Volunteer!

I hope you’ve been saving your small change and your big change; your shekels, your ducats, and your brass razoos.  All currency accepted, but we give a lousy exchange rate.  Just like a bank.

DONATIONS OF THINGS are always accepted:  If you are trying out for the Great British Bake-off, here’s a chance to practise on us.  Bring your best cake along to the Cafe, and we’ll give you feedback after we’ve fed on it.  Cakes will be included as an option for the cafe, extra bits can be sold off.  Jams, jellies, pickles and preserves too, can go on the preserves stall. SO your rare Rosella Jam, cumquat marmalade or chutney (my favourites), or the best selling tomato relish.  Surprise me with something new.

THERE’S STILL AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE A STALL IF YOU WANT – All those damn things you won in silly raffles (yes, we may even have a raffle too), things you’ve been given, prizes you’ve won because there was no-one else competing, and all that nefarious collection of stuff.  Or you can just donate it to us.  Bring along with you or drop it off on Friday 9th.

But wait there’s more!  NO commercial product here!  All hand made, and artisan stuff, locally crafted.  Arrt, hats, children’s items, knitwear, hats, soft furnishings, upcycled fabric items, wheelcahir and walker accessories (see – told youto bring your granny), plants, second hand books and DVDS, clothes and a bit of retro, white elephant, treasures.  And even fresh veges and produce.  No need to nip off to Nambour to do the grocery shopping.  even ENTERTAINMENT!  That you would normally have to pay for!

BOOMERANG BAGS will be there. You can exchange a piece of fabric for a ready-made bag.  No more plastic bags for me thank you.

It’s also World Wide Knit in Public Day, so you can come and knot with Linda, or ask her your knitting questions, or maybe even for a coffee? learn how to knit.

Look forward to seeing you,

Country Fair team